Gas Sampling Systems - Rupture Discs


  • Compact Construction
  • Design to be mounted in line between a cylinder and a mini valve


  • Body Material: 316L
  • Retainer Material: 316L
  • Sealing Gasket Material: PTFE
  • Back-up Gasket Material: Delrin
  • Rupture Disc Material: Alloy 600


Rupture Disc Assembly

Part No. RDT-1750-A

Rupture Disc Assembly - Part No. RDT-1750-A

Burst Disc Configurations

Burst Disc Configurations

Part Number Burst Pressure Diameter
RD-1750-44-A600 1750 psi 0.44
RD-1750-56-A600 1750 psi 0.56


  • Do not use a rupture disc in a location where the sudden release of the material would pose a hazard.
  • The burst pressure is marked on the top of the disc retainer. Do not subsitute anyother burst disc. A DeTec disc must be used.
  • Make certain there is an isolation valve between the system being sampled and the rupture disc assembly. This is necessary so the system can be closed if the disc bursts.
  • Expansion of liquified gases due to small temperature changes may cause a rupture disc to release the cylinder contents. Appropriate regulations and guidelines should be followed to 1.88 establish safe filling limits.