Gas Sampling Valves


  • The S Series needle valve is designed expressly for Liquid & Gas Sampling.


  • Stem Packing: The valve has alternating layers of Teflon rings and Viton O-rings. The results in a very low torque and easily adjustable packing that yields a long life without leaks.
  • Delrin Seat: The Delrin seat results in higher pressure and temperature specifications and is a very tough seat material for leak free service.
  • Electro-Polishing: The process areas of the valve are electro-polished. This makes the valve very clean and easy to steam out. It also makes the threads much smoother and less likely to gall.
  • All metal parts are 316L. This allows the electro-polishing to fill in the microscopic cracks and crevices caused by machining the metal.
  • Four 1/4" configurations: MNPT x FNPT, MNPT x MNPT, FNPT x FNPT


  • Pressure Rating: 6,000 psig at 100°F

Sample Valve Configurations - S-GU4M4F276 - S-GU4M4M267 - S-GU4F4F276

Gas Sampling Dimensions