Gas Detector Pump Operations

How to check the pump for leaks

Insert an unopened tube into the pump inlet and pull a stroke. After 3 minutes unlock the handle and release it slowly holding the handle and the pump body securely. If the handle returns to the red "0 mark" line, then the pump is leak free and ready to use.

Measurement Procedure

  • Break both ends of the tube using the tip breaker on the sampling pump.
  • Insert one end of the tube securely into the sampling pump inlet, ensuring that the arrow mark on the tube points towards the pump.
  • Rotate the piston shaft until the red dot on it aligns with the red dot on the pump body.
  • Insert the open end of the tube into the gas to be sampled and pull the handle 0.5 or 1 stroke until it locks in place, and wait for the indicated sampling time. For a second stroke, rotate the hand 90o, push it back to the 0 mark without removing the detector tube, and pull the piston handle for another full stroke. Repeat for the number of required strokes.
  • Remove the tube from the pump and read the concentration directly on the tube scale. If tailing occurs read at the midpoint of the taper. Take the reading within a few minutes of sampling.
  • Check for possible cross-sensitivities.


  • The process of breaking the tube tips can produce small gas shards and the broken tube ends can be very sharp. Use hand and eye protection when handling opened tubes.
  • Keep tubes out of reach of unauthorized people, especially children.
  • Dispose of the used tubes according to local regulations.
Gas Sampling Pump


  • The sampling pump and detector tube together form a measuring system.
  • Detector tube use with other manufacturer's pump is not reccomended. However, DeTec is compatible when the tube diameter is the same and the pump pulls 100 cc per stroke.
  • Before each day's use, check the pump for leaks and use it only if it is leak free.